Monday, October 12, 2020

Personal Journey With COVID

Well, we think COVID has hit our little household a few times over this past year.  Our son became pretty sick in February.  I remember he was in the back seat of the car after church, running a fever and  telling us he was having problems breathing.  We moved the car in the direction of Costco to get some Robitussin cough syrup or something that would clear the congestion and we laid hands on him and began to pray for his airways to clear up . . . this was before anyone knew what COVID was.  Then we think our daughter had it the next week and in the course of her "cold" she said, "Mom, I think I need to go to the doctor as I may have pneumonia".  So, I think our family got hit before COVID was widely recognized.  

I've been dreading the thought of getting COVID, because, I think all sickness is awful and would never want any person sick.  But, I also fight claustrophobia and so the thought of struggling to breathe is terrifying.  Well, a couple weeks ago, it seems I got hit with COVID as well.  High fevers, congestion in my lungs, no taste, cough, awful taste in mouth, no smell, exhaustion, etc. I went to a couple locations to get tested and they were not doing testing, so I gave up and figured I have so many of the symptoms, I'm sure this is what I am fighting and I will self quarantine.  

THE COOL THING - the cool thing is that at the height of being sick, I was struggling to breathe and feeling claustrophobic, my husband came into my bedroom laid hands on me, my parents began to pray and my girlfriend began to pray and immediately my airways cleared up!  Come on!!  Go God!! That was the end of that.

THE NOT SO COOL THING - the not so cool thing is that I still cannot smell anything.  I talked to my Aunt who had COVID and she said for some people it can be a many months, before they fully regain their smell.  CRAZY!  Well, this is no little thing . . . I mean, I put on new perfume the other day and could not even smell a trace of it.  I can get close to our dog, talk in his face, and be all lovey with him, and not smell his breath (this is actually a joy).  I can go into public bathrooms and not pull out my poo pourri,  because everything smells just fine around me.  ha!! :-)  TMI.  

OTHER NOT COOL - the other not so cool thing is that I've been gaining weight.  You would think I would lose, and I did initially and then I started to gain.  Could not figure it out, until this weekend.  I'm a foodie and I love to eat.  When I cook I throw in spices and do not follow recipes.  Well, when I cannot taste I am constantly looking for something that is spicy or sweet (these two I can taste a bit) to fill the void of no flavor and I tend to keep eating till I find it.  This will DEFINITELY have to be curbed this week.  I am going to hit it hard today.  I mean I live in Arizona and I am still in a bathing suit in October.  ha! :-)

On another note, I have some spiritual thoughts about COVID too, but I will just have to share those in a blog tomorrow.  Until then, these are some silly, some miraculous and some personal journeying through COVID in my house.  Super thankful that I'm on the other side.