Friday, September 18, 2020


I am deeply disturbed by Netflix's release of a new movie, "Cuties".  This movie follows the life of an 11 year old girl and her "coming of age".  I believe it is completely exploitative and we as a family have cancelled our Netflix subscription and encourage others to do so also.  Just because young girls are being sexualized and objectified and exploited in our culture, does not mean it's right! Don't get me started . . .  Eleven years old is the age that many girls are sex trafficked in the U.S. and other countries because predators are becoming more and more desirous of younger ages (as well as much younger than eleven).  It's this kind of film that normalizes and fuels the feeding ground for exploitation.  Please take a stand and do not look the other way and pretend this is "normal" if you have a Netflix subscription - I invite you to unsubscribe and let Netflix know why you are doing so.  You are amazing!  You can make a difference!  Let's be a part of creating a culture where kids and can be kids and where predatory behavior  is not normalized.

“Cuties” is filled with bare-midriffed young actresses portraying 11-year-old girls gyrating seductively, twerking and otherwise trying to look sexy in the incessant videos they film on their cellphones. The viewer cannot escape the reality that actual young teenage girls are being paid to do these things on film. These actresses are being sexualized in order to make a point against their sexualization — an irony apparently lost on many of the film’s reviewers. This ought to go beyond simply making viewers uncomfortable. It ought to provoke outrage."~ Deseret News

I love partnering with A21 and here is what they are doing for our kids: