Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Laura Gallier

For all you parents are there who are looking for excellent resources to train your kids in their sexuality, here is one of my favorite authors and teachers one the subject, Laura Gallier:  http://www.lauragallier.com/

All of Laura's books that I have read on sex and dating have been excellent, I only wish I would have found them years ago. She also has a book on purity for elementary kids - I have not read, but I'm sure is a good resource for parents with younger children. 

We recently completed her "Unashamed" series and I loved it (http://www.lauragallier.com/books/).  It covers topics such as sex, dating, pornography, gender identity, family, etc.  She comes from a refreshingly relevant point of view for teens and a powerful Biblical perspective. I highly recommend it for parents, families and youth groups. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Let's Pray

Hey blogger friends, in the vein of being quarantined due to the corona virus, I thought I would do a couple more things with video - try it out (pretty rough, not scripted, just me). :-)  I love praying with my friends and family in person, but at this time, I am thankful for other platforms to pray together.  I thought I would share a prayer on my blog that, if you want, you can come into agreement with for our families, nation and nations of the earth.  
Simeon kicking off the beginning of spring sunbathing (I had his permission to post :-) 

Cinnamon Roll Making Time
In my  home, it is pretty much business as usual except for the inability to meet up with friends and appointments.  The main difference is our daughter starting school on-line and all of our schedule socially moved home.  The other three of us, work from home or do school from home anyway, so not much there has changed.  We try to reach out to different neighbors and see if there are any needs, food pantry, etc.   I'm loving drawing my family in a bit closer and seeing more of my girl.  :-)  In fact here are a couple photos of her trying out a new temporary tattoo!  Ahhhh! As well as trying her hand at a batch of cinnamon rolls and Brother doing a little more sunbathing now that the Arizona sunshine is out. Ha! Feeling thankful for God's goodness to us.

Tattoo Time