Friday, September 18, 2020


I am deeply disturbed by Netflix's release of a new movie, "Cuties".  This movie follows the life of an 11 year old girl and her "coming of age".  I believe it is completely exploitative and we as a family have cancelled our Netflix subscription and encourage others to do so also.  Just because young girls are being sexualized and objectified and exploited in our culture, does not mean it's right! Don't get me started . . .  Eleven years old is the age that many girls are sex trafficked in the U.S. and other countries because predators are becoming more and more desirous of younger ages (as well as much younger than eleven).  It's this kind of film that normalizes and fuels the feeding ground for exploitation.  Please take a stand and do not look the other way and pretend this is "normal" if you have a Netflix subscription - I invite you to unsubscribe and let Netflix know why you are doing so.  You are amazing!  You can make a difference!  Let's be a part of creating a culture where kids and can be kids and where predatory behavior  is not normalized.

“Cuties” is filled with bare-midriffed young actresses portraying 11-year-old girls gyrating seductively, twerking and otherwise trying to look sexy in the incessant videos they film on their cellphones. The viewer cannot escape the reality that actual young teenage girls are being paid to do these things on film. These actresses are being sexualized in order to make a point against their sexualization — an irony apparently lost on many of the film’s reviewers. This ought to go beyond simply making viewers uncomfortable. It ought to provoke outrage."~ Deseret News

I love partnering with A21 and here is what they are doing for our kids:

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Happy Future! Destiny Hope

I was glancing at my blog and realized that between social media, COVID, and not blogging much, I had forgotten to put a few pics of my graduated girl up for you all to see . . .


 It's your road and yours alone.  Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you.  Jesus lead you in this journey, Destiny Hope, onto the paths of Life . . .

Friday, August 28, 2020

From Lust to Love

by The Greater Love - Ashley Little's Story - From Lust to Love

This is my friend, Ashley's story out of homosexuality. Over the years, on this blog, you have probably seen pictures of my friend, Ashley peppered throughout family times and friend moments. Her story was just published this past week and I know it will encourage those of you who have loved one's trapped in a lifestyle of homosexuality or maybe you are longing for a way out yourself. We love Ashley and celebrate her journey and are super thankful for what God has done in her life. Here is her website that is full of testimonies: 

 Ashley also teaches "Aligned and Equipped" classes in churches and discipleship schools/mission organizations.  

Monday, July 20, 2020

A Wall of Fire

I love the scripture, Zechariah 2:5 "And I myself will be a wall of fire around it, declare the Lord, and I will be it's glory within."  Years ago, I heard Patricia King pray this prayer as a protective prayer and I have adopted it in prayer for my family and friends for years as well.  That God would be a wall of fire around us and the glory (His manifest presence - the fullness of Him) of God within us.  This is also a powerful prayer over our nation and nations of the earth.

Our nation is facing challenges and heading into an election. Sometimes we may wonder how to pray and how to move forward in truth and hope.  I would love to invite you into intercession. Our friend, Patricia King, has called our nation to prayer 24/7 as we head towards the elections.  Here is her website with prayer directives and partnerships and more information:

And here are some decrees and prayer guidelines for us to follow:

May God be a wall of fire around our nation and families today and release His glory within us. You are powerful and your prayers make a difference! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Laura Gallier

For all you parents are there who are looking for excellent resources to train your kids in their sexuality, here is one of my favorite authors and teachers one the subject, Laura Gallier:

All of Laura's books that I have read on sex and dating have been excellent, I only wish I would have found them years ago. She also has a book on purity for elementary kids - I have not read, but I'm sure is a good resource for parents with younger children. 

We recently completed her "Unashamed" series and I loved it (  It covers topics such as sex, dating, pornography, gender identity, family, etc.  She comes from a refreshingly relevant point of view for teens and a powerful Biblical perspective. I highly recommend it for parents, families and youth groups. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Let's Pray

Hey blogger friends, in the vein of being quarantined due to the corona virus, I thought I would do a couple more things with video - try it out (pretty rough, not scripted, just me). :-)  I love praying with my friends and family in person, but at this time, I am thankful for other platforms to pray together.  I thought I would share a prayer on my blog that, if you want, you can come into agreement with for our families, nation and nations of the earth.  
Simeon kicking off the beginning of spring sunbathing (I had his permission to post :-) 

Cinnamon Roll Making Time
In my  home, it is pretty much business as usual except for the inability to meet up with friends and appointments.  The main difference is our daughter starting school on-line and all of our schedule socially moved home.  The other three of us, work from home or do school from home anyway, so not much there has changed.  We try to reach out to different neighbors and see if there are any needs, food pantry, etc.   I'm loving drawing my family in a bit closer and seeing more of my girl.  :-)  In fact here are a couple photos of her trying out a new temporary tattoo!  Ahhhh! As well as trying her hand at a batch of cinnamon rolls and Brother doing a little more sunbathing now that the Arizona sunshine is out. Ha! Feeling thankful for God's goodness to us.

Tattoo Time

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Today - National Day of Prayer

Blogger Friends, President Trump has called today a day of prayer for our nation for the coronavirus.  Hal & Cheryl Sacks of BridgeBuilders sent me these prayer points this morning and I thought they were perfect if you are looking for a place to jump into prayer.  Join me in praying for our nation and not responding out of fear or panic but a peaceful resolution that God is working.

President Donald Trump has declared Sunday, March 15, as a National Day of Prayer due to the impact of COVID19 on the United States of America and globally. Shortly after declaring a state of emergency on Friday, President Trump proclaimed:  
"It is my great honor to declare Sunday, March 15th, as a National Day of Prayer. We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these..." Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 13, 2020.

Let's Pray:
  • Lord, we humble ourselves before YOU and ask forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our nation. Have mercy upon us and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).  We also ask YOU to sovereignly heal the sick and stop the coronavirus plague (Numbers 16:46).
  • We thank You, Lord, that President Trump has called for a National Day of Prayer. Give our President, Vice President, and other governmental and health officials wisdom and strategy in how to contain the virus and navigate the ensuing economic storm.
  • Just as Jesus spoke to the turbulent weather, we speak to the atmosphere of fear, panic, and chaos over this nation and say: “Peace be still!” (Mark 4:39).
  • In Jesus’ name, we say to the enemy who has come to steal, kill, and destroy this nation, “enough is enough, cease and desist!” We thank You, Jesus, that You are here in the midst of us, and that You have come to give life and life more abundantly (John 10:10).
  • We pray that schools, businesses, churches, and other institutions and agencies whose services have been disrupted by the coronavirus will be able to keep their doors open and that the economy will stabilize.
  • Lord, we pray that YOU will take what Satan meant for evil and turn it for good. Awaken this nation, both those who know YOU and those who do not. We pray for revival in the Church and a great spiritual awakening across our land with multitudes coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

WayMaker - Paul McClure Video

Thursday, January 30, 2020

My Year of Jubilee!

50th Birthday Cake
Jasa Girl
Happy 50th Birthday to me!  I turned
fifty this month and my girlfriend, Jasa, had such a beautiful, dreamy, girl party for me. It was totally me! All creamy, yummy, girly, and beautiful.  There was amazing food, hand crafted cake (thanks Jeremiah) special drinks (all my favorites), gorgeous flowers, lights, etc. So touched by all the friends who helped her pull off such a beautiful evening.
SURPRISE:  Your Aunt Is Here!!

My Aunt RuthAnn, from Arkansas, surprised me and was at my party which was was totally awesome.
And one of my spiritual mentors/friends, Patrica came as well as my girlfriend, Jewell (flew in from California) along with many other treasured friends.  It was such a sweet celebration.
Girl Party

Jewell all the way from Cali
My prayer partner (of 15 years) Jewell, flew out for the weekend from California and she took me shopping and totally spoiled me.  We had a lovely family BBQ on my birthday and of course my husband spoiled me with gifts and dozens and dozens of roses.  I also shared a few other birthday celebrations with other friends and loved ones over the days before/after.  I felt totally spoiled.  I have so many more pictures with precious friends I would love to share, but not enough space - so if I snapped a photo with you, know you are loved and cherished even if your face is not on this post.
Romantic Birthday Table
Jubilee 50!

My "Jubilee Girls"
The Bible talks about the year of Jubilee being the year where all debts are canceled, restitution is made and its the  year of release.  I love it!  So, a couple other friends of mine (Jubilee Girls Mari & Andrea) turn fifty this spring and we are claiming this our year of Jubilee.  Yipee!!
I Think Jasa and Girls Worked TOO Hard!! :-)  Hee Hee!!

Jasa's Work Crew 
Birthday lunch with Mother, Sister-in-laws & Nieces
Jasa Girl Went ALL OUT!  Such a Celebration! 
Birthday lunch with Girlfriend, Karla
Such A Beautiful Cake
Family Birthday BBQ
Party Set-Up - Sweet Des
Felt a Little Silly Turning 50 :-)
Birthday dinner with Girlfriends, Melanie, Jen & Bethany
My Aunt Ruth & Cousins
Birthday lunch with Girlfriends, Pat & Amber
Beautiful Table at my Party 

The Jubilee year contains many of the pictures of our salvation.  Just as the land, the people, and all the property was released, so we too have been released from a debt that we could not pay (our sins).  We were once slaves to sin but now we’ve been released, once held captive but now set free.  Christ’s blood has atoned for our sins and satisfied the wrath of God that was due us (Rom 5) and as the land was given rest, we too have entered into His rest from all of our works for we could never save ourselves by our own works because salvation is fully a work of God.  If you are not saved, then maybe you have asked what some had asked Jesus “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?”  Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent” (John 6:28-29).  ~ Jack Wellman