Wednesday, December 11, 2019


I love good "soaking" music.  The kind you put on and welcome the presence of Jesus.  The kind you have playing in the background and it feels like it is centering your work space, home, vehicle ride, etc.  I found this soaking music this past year and when I first started listening to it, I would get wrecked in the presence of God.  It quickly became my favorite instrumental worship music ever.  This morning, as it was playing over my home from the wee hours of the morning before the light started peeking over the desert I had a thought . . . why don't you share this with your blog friends.  So, dear blogger community, maybe there is someone out there who this music will minister to and set an atmosphere in your life for the King of Kings to ride in.

SOAKING IN HIS PRESENCE Instrumental Worship

Friday, December 6, 2019

An Uncommon Love

Today I celebrate twenty-two years of marriage with this guy.  You, my blogger friends, have been on this journey with us and know the heartache and the joys of the last twenty-two years.  God has been incredibly faithful. Today I celebrate this union.  I found this poem and felt like it captured my heart for what I share with my John, my soul mate and best friend.

An Uncommon Love

May you have the love only two can know.  May you go where only two as one may go.  May the sun rise and set in your bonded hearts and the moon never find you too long apart.

May you cherish each other’s dreams as your own and turn stumbling blocks into steppingstones.
May you brave life’s mountains and miles together.
May there be no storm your love cannot weather.
May you be lovers and allies and friends.
May your soul’s conversation never end.
May you capture on earth what’s in heaven above.
May your hearts know the rapture of an uncommon love.
By Terah Cox

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