Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Move Back Home

We are THRILLED to have moved "home" this past month.  Due to some events beyond our control a year and a half ago, we had to  move out of our country home and into town.  To make a super long story, way short, God gave our house back!  We had a beautiful God story unfold and what we call a "suddenly" in moving back into the country.

The Weldon Man "Crew"

Girlfriends Moving Nita's "Breakables"

The Piano Crew

Finally "Home"
These gems in photos above, were our moving crew, along with a couple hired hands.  After a sudden phone call out of the blue, asking if we wanted to buy our country house back, we scrambled to put our town house on the market and it sold in two days (  Yippee!  We didn't want to tax our friends with  moving us in the heat, as we had to move everything first into storage and then everything back out and into the country.  So we hired some help and had a few friends help towards the end, but my son Simeon and John kicked it!  Working day in and day out in the middle of the Arizona summer heat - they made an amazing crew!

The hwy to our house

The dirt road in front of our house

Our Lane

Nita's moving truck . . . We had more than one. :-)

Front Door

I can't begin to express how it felt as I drove this big U-haul truck through the country hwy and down the remote cactus lined lane to our home. I felt like I was in a daze.  I was crying and thanking Jesus for giving our land and house back. I don't know if  you have ever carried a geographical region and home, in your heart, and then had to leave it, but this was our region and to return to the dreams and prayers of our hearts was priceless.

True Friends

The Fam
I know this is a lot of pictures, and I don't really feel like I can go into the bigger story on this blog surrounding our transition, but we are super thankful for this "suddenly" and are settling in and can't wait to celebrate with friends.

The sun rising this morning

Sunrise on the mountain and cactus in our yard
Quiet-time with Jesus - Living the Dream

 This is the sun rising over the desert this morning.  I will watch many mornings as all at once the desert begins to glow and come alive and the sun peaks over the horizon.  The acres have a lot of work to be done on them, but as John and I look over the land we sigh deep and with thankful hearts roll our sleeves up and dig in . . .