Saturday, August 31, 2019

Summer 2019

Johnny, Julie, Gabby, Destiny & Simeon

Summer is coming to a close and WOW, what a great one!  This summer we spent between Oregon and Arizona. Many of our family, friends and foster babes, live in Oregon and Washington, as that is where I grew up.  What a delight.  I think I took 2,000 pictures but I will just share a few highlights of family with you.

The kids were all together again (Johnny, Julie, Gabby, Destiny & Simeon). This was a HUGE highlight.  We have not had time with Gabby like this in years, since she was adopted out of our home and it touched our hearts deeply.  We spent time at the ocean and drank in the Pacific Northwest beauty and loved being together for a weekend.
Johnny, Gabby, Julie & Simeon

The Sunset

We celebrated my Niece Petra's Graduation and Nephew Josiah's wedding while there.  Josiah's wedding was such a beautiful event.  So full of love and covenant to Jesus as well as each other.  

The Wenger Men

We were able to spend Father's Day with both our dads and families.  
What a gift!   

The Weldon Men
The Weldon's

We cherished our family moments with the Wenger's and the Weldon's.  Got to hug on our new baby niece. 

Nita, Parents & Brother Tim

Celebrated Julie's Sweet 16 at the Oregon Coast
With Ju Ju (sweet 16)

Nita & Brother Andrew
Cousin Time
We had meaningful moments of re-connection with so many of our dear friends (could not begin to post them on my blog or it would go on forever.  smile.  Got to spend time with nephews and nieces.  (Too many pictures to post, but I put a few more of our friend pics on facebook)  It was perfect to spend the hot Arizona months in Oregon and make it back to Arizona in time for the kids to start school and the beautiful summer sunsets over the golf course.  

Husband and I felt the tenderness of God towards us, in re-connecting us with those we love and giving us quality time with both our parents.  We felt the best of both worlds - we love our home and friends in Arizona, yet were able to treasure what God has given us in Oregon/Washington.  A sweet summer!