Saturday, May 18, 2019

This Time of Year In Arizona

I love spring in Arizona.  March is my favorite month, but this year I had such bad allergies in March, it was hard for me to be outside.  April and May allergies started to lift and we have been enjoying our back yard before it gets too hot to enjoy.  I love the cool mornings where the grounds keepers are mowing the lawn on the golf course, the water fountains are splashing in the pool and the birds are chirping.   My fruit trees I planted last year are starting to grow beautifully, thanks to my hubby's coffee grounds.  :-)  
Fruit Tree Beside Palm Tree
This time of year, I get a little zealous in having friends over, as I know the heat is coming and we will not be able to spill into the back yard.  So, we have had a few BBQ's with friends.   I tend to get busy hosting and do not take any photos but here are a couple that I had photos from . . .
Friends - before it gets too hot!
The Kids
This just cracks me up . . . on Mother's Day my husband and cousins all posed for this super cute photo under the pool fountains.  Had a great mothers day! My kids wrote me poems, my husband even had a gift . . . super sweet!
Mother's Day
And tonight I invited all our neighbors over for dessert.  Cobbler is cooking in oven, chocolate brownies and ice-cream are cued, coffee pot is ready to release it's most wonderful aroma.  Deliciousness is filling the house.  Tomorrow we'll put chicken on the grill and have a friend after church . . . yep!  Love this Arizona time of year.  Then in the hot months we will hibernate.  Ha!:-)
Cobbler Ready For Neighbor Dessert Night
A few cactus' are still blooming.  The one in our neighbors yard was gorgeous!  Arizona has a different kind of beauty all it's own.  We have learned to love it.  My husband and I walk in the mornings together and so I have been able to see the cactus bloom, the flowering bushes bloom, and feel the change from the cool days to warmer ones.
Neighbors Cactus
 Hope each of you are enjoying spring and the beauty it brings.  Hopefully you too are able to thaw out from the winter months and enjoy friends and family in the cool of the evenings or warmth of the spring rays.  God is good to us . . . All the time . . .God is good!