Sunday, May 26, 2019

Our Baby Graduating 8th Grade

Simeon's 8th Grade Graduation
Our baby graduated from 8th grade this week.  Can hardly believe the way time rips through our lives and leaves memories that are precious but can never be relived.  Simeon loves life.  He is an entrepreneur at heart and always looking for ways to make a good deal or create wealth.  He loves his friends and loves spending time hanging out.  He loves fitness and would love it if mom or dad would work-out with him this summer.  He likes to meet his friends at the local gym and lift weights, play basketball, etc.  I think he has tried almost every sport except football in his younger years.  He is fascinated with parkour and that's his next sport he wants to try.  

Simeon - Kindergarten
I remember Simeon starting kindergarten and my friend, Christine, worked in the grade school.  He would cry for the first little while almost daily because he wanted to stay with mom, so she would call me after he stopped crying and let me know he was doing okay.  I couldn't even leave him at pre-school because he would cry so much for me.  I loved being a stay-at-home mom.  It was a dream come true for me and obviously Simeon loved it too.  ha! :-)  Eventually in Kindergarten, I would drive up to the curb to drop him off and his kinder-grade would all be lined up and they would holler out "SIMEON!!" and all be excited to see him, like a rock star, he quickly began to acclimate.  He loved fire trucks and firemen.  He loved guitars and drums.  He loved anything that was active.  He loved his bike and big wheel.  He loved his
cul-de-sac and neighbor friends.  He loved his trampoline and big swing-set fort that grandpa made for him.  He loved his sister's attention and wrestling with his brother. If ever things got quiet with him, we would need to find him and see if there was mischief at hand.   I'll never forget when he and Johnny decided to pee all over the men's bathroom at church on a Christmas program night . . . my husband had to have some bathroom parenting moment for sure! :-)
8th Grade Diploma
People always say that time flies and enjoy your kids and the moments you
This is his mischievous face! :-) 
have.  When you are exhausted and carting around the stroller and diaper bag . . .  when there are continual squabbles and fights and you feel like a referee, sometimes you think those moments will never end. You fall into bed exhausted at night and are continually creating food in the kitchen to be consumed and then do it all over again the next day.  You feel like a taxi driver because every kid is in a different sport or musical class.   But being on the other side now and longing for time to slow down and life to give us a few more years with our kids, I understand the admonition, "time flies, enjoy every moment".  This week we celebrated Simeon's 8th grade grad and our close friends son's 12th grade grad.  Both us mothers, had tears, as we remembered the memories and treasured the today.  I am thankful for life and health and memories with Simeon and looking forward to the next four years of high school with anticipation of good things!!  God is good all the time and we celebrate this good gift He has entrusted to our care.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

This Time of Year In Arizona

I love spring in Arizona.  March is my favorite month, but this year I had such bad allergies in March, it was hard for me to be outside.  April and May allergies started to lift and we have been enjoying our back yard before it gets too hot to enjoy.  I love the cool mornings where the grounds keepers are mowing the lawn on the golf course, the water fountains are splashing in the pool and the birds are chirping.   My fruit trees I planted last year are starting to grow beautifully, thanks to my hubby's coffee grounds.  :-)  
Fruit Tree Beside Palm Tree
This time of year, I get a little zealous in having friends over, as I know the heat is coming and we will not be able to spill into the back yard.  So, we have had a few BBQ's with friends.   I tend to get busy hosting and do not take any photos but here are a couple that I had photos from . . .
Friends - before it gets too hot!
The Kids
This just cracks me up . . . on Mother's Day my husband and cousins all posed for this super cute photo under the pool fountains.  Had a great mothers day! My kids wrote me poems, my husband even had a gift . . . super sweet!
Mother's Day
And tonight I invited all our neighbors over for dessert.  Cobbler is cooking in oven, chocolate brownies and ice-cream are cued, coffee pot is ready to release it's most wonderful aroma.  Deliciousness is filling the house.  Tomorrow we'll put chicken on the grill and have a friend after church . . . yep!  Love this Arizona time of year.  Then in the hot months we will hibernate.  Ha!:-)
Cobbler Ready For Neighbor Dessert Night
A few cactus' are still blooming.  The one in our neighbors yard was gorgeous!  Arizona has a different kind of beauty all it's own.  We have learned to love it.  My husband and I walk in the mornings together and so I have been able to see the cactus bloom, the flowering bushes bloom, and feel the change from the cool days to warmer ones.
Neighbors Cactus
 Hope each of you are enjoying spring and the beauty it brings.  Hopefully you too are able to thaw out from the winter months and enjoy friends and family in the cool of the evenings or warmth of the spring rays.  God is good to us . . . All the time . . .God is good! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Doxology Remix

I grew up in the Mennonite Church until I was thirteen and my dad became a pastor of a non-denominational Christian church.  I have great memories of being in the Mennonite church as a kid.  One of those memories is singing the Doxology out of the Hymnal. How can you sing the words, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below" and not be moved by the wonder and awe of our creator.  Love it!  I just found that Elevation Worship released a remix of this hymn that takes me back to my childhood.  Enjoy . . .

"Paradoxology Video" by Elevation Worship