Saturday, April 13, 2019


We just got back from a  little family get-away to Mexico.  It was one of those wonderful trips where we were upgraded to a seventh floor suite with panoramic ocean views, three bedrooms and four bathrooms, an entertaining kitchen and an extra free night.  We took in the local shopping, food, spent hours on the beach, laid in the sun, fireside chats and trying to drum up a melody without a guitar, picked up sea shells . . . .so fun!  I have this thing for infinity pools and the place we stayed at had a beautiful infinity pool that started surrounded by cactus and day beds and ended at the ocean - so beautiful!  Loved the favor surrounding our time together.  It's always been Julie's dream to go to Mexico and so this was a "first" for her.  Here are a few family pics I thought I would share now that I am finally figuring out how to use google photos on my blog. :-)