Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Little Down Time

This is the view from my backyard bed - what a glorious day! 
My heart has always went out to my friends and family who suffer from chronic pain.   It's so NOT OKAY!  This past couple months I have been having back issues and two weeks ago I hit my limit where I started having constant
back/sciatica pain.

Beautiful Bride - Niece Cecelia
 I had a lovely start to the month of September with a visit to Oregon for my niece, Cecelia's  wedding. It was an African outdoor wedding full of beauty and shared memories.  During the ceremony the pastor shared how my niece Cecelia had been brought through enemy territory during Liberia's civil war to meet my brother's pastor because news had spread that an American family wanted to adopt her.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the wedding guests.  Then a few weeks ago I took a trip to Iowa to visit family and help care for a loved one in need.  What a gift!  But both
Iowa Cousins - Baking Roles Together
visits, I was on constant pain medicine and in survival mode trying not to be on my feet too much.   For the last two weeks I have spent most of my time laying down because I cannot sit (minus a couple days the doctor had me on steroids that helped).  I'm normally pretty healthy and do not have chronic pain issues, so this was out of the blue and has completely cramped my style, especially for the work I had planned for September and October.  Much of the time these last two weeks, I was unable to even type on my keyboard due to the angle and strain.  Crazy!  I have not been out of the house in . . .  a very long time, but today I drove myself uptown to the Radiologist to get a x-ray for my doctor visit tomorrow with a spine specialist.  I got in the car and was thankful that I could maneuver okay, but by the time I got home, I was crying and heading for my bed and heat pad.  Urg!  What a pain in the butt (literally). :-)
Pizza From Friends
Thankfully I have the most amazing husband who cares lovingly for me.  He cleans my house, drives the kids all over wherever they need to go, heats up dinner or scrounges for food, prays with me, hangs with me and is a precious gift to me.  I have a beautiful mother who is continually checking up on me from a distance and probably worrying about me too much.  Smile.  I have prayer partners who check in and pray that are such treasures to me.  Then there are my friends who have offered and gone above and beyond to help. I think word is getting out that Nita is flat on her back and friends are springing up out of the woodwork with offers for rides for the kids, offers to clean my house, offers for food or just companionship - hanging out.  Today alone, I was offered a pan of enchiladas, a pot of bean and ham soup, a shepherds
Outdoor Bedside Tray
pie (John's personal favorite), the option of being put on a meal train and I think a couple meals are coming home with John tonight from our home group.  I'm undone by the kindness of those who love us. I have the world's best friends and am super thankful for each one in my life.  If you are reading this post dear friends, you touch me deeply.   It's a little hard for me to receive from people but I am trying to get better at saying "yes".

Bedside Tray
Friends have also been stopping in just to sit with me while I lay, which feeds my love bank.  Here is a photo of my bedside tray where friends brought me flowers, candle and tea.  Sweetness!  I figure, if you have to be laid up, you might as well pamper yourself.  I feel so blessed to have a loving, supportive family and friends and comfortable surroundings.  When the pain is quieted down, I have moments where I feel like I am on vacation,  but when I get up and walk around, the reality of the situation floods back - but life could be a lot worse.

Daughter and Friends Hanging
So, all that to say, even though these weeks have been rough, I know pain, sickness, disease, infirmity are not from God! It is not His plan!  It is not given to me to make me better or more like Him.  That would be an incorrect theology about God. He is wonderfully able to redeem circumstances and turn them for good, but He is not the author of pain and suffering.  He is the giver of life and all that is good (James 1:17).  He purchased my healing (and the healing of so many others who are suffering) through His death and resurrection (Isaiah 53:5).  My circumstances do not define God's truth.  God's truth defines my circumstances and I wait for my circumstances to manifest who God is in me and to me. The other night, a few friends came over and prayed for me, the sciatica pain has decreased down my leg substantially (James 5:15)  This I am grateful for.   I'm touched by the faithfulness of God no matter what season we are in. The  song below, by Jeremy Camp is one of my all time favorites and has been a fav during this season . . .

Video Clip - Jeremy Camp "Same Power"

This prophetic word by Lana Vowser was also an encouragement also this morning: