Sunday, August 26, 2018

Children Rescued

Hi Blogger Friends!  Here is a blog I wrote recently for Extreme Love and thought I would share with you:

 I love hearing about brave men and women, who are risking their lives to answer the call of rescuing trafficked children; just like our Extreme Love organization.  This last month I had the pleasure of sitting in a training session for combating sex trafficking. In the meeting were veterans; former navy SEALS and retired special operations agents who are a part of an organization called “Veterans for Child Rescue” (V4CR). These specialists use their unique skills for rescuing and extracting victims of trafficking.  I sat mesmerized as they shared strategy and vision for rescuing children in perilous circumstances.

Recently V4CR has just completed a three-part, multi-location, filming in several active trafficking corridors, throughout Southern Arizona, where thousands of illegal incursions into the United States occur every year. These routes (that run through the county I live in) often involve adults and children walking through the desert for six days straight.  Many of these illegal immigrants do not survive the journey. For the young children that are brought into the country the desert can be unforgiving. Those that survive the long trek will face an obligation to pay for their passage in the form of sex or labor for many years to work off their debt to the cartels and traffickers.

For the last couple years, I have lived out in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by beautiful mountains and on dirt roads, but smack-dab in the middle of drug and human trafficking territory.  In the morning when my husband would take our dog and hike the mountains for time alone with God, he would often find caches and camps of these immigrants.  There would be abandoned sleeping bags, garbage, radios, clothing, and shoes. It’s heartbreaking to see and I was excited to hear that these veterans have a clear strategy for educating the public, raising awareness through their Contraland Film, rescuing victims, training law enforcement, investigating trafficking rings and putting predators behind bars. They use their military experience to run covert operations all over the country; working with law enforcement and border patrol agents.  What a comfort to know that the fight against trafficking is making progress through mighty men and women of prayer and passion who are taking ground physically and spiritually, and that children who are deep in the clutches of evil are being rescued.