Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger Friends!  The last week I have been waking up with this song in my heart.  Not sure why (as I have know this song for awhile) but I thought I would share it as it is so pertinent to giving thanks!  The chorus sings, "Life is a gift and the Giver is good!"  I am so thankful this Thanksgiving that I've got a good good God and He is a giver of Life and life abundantly!  When I am facing hardships and sadness, He is good and gives me LIFE.  When I am happy and all is well, He is good and gives me LIFE.  I'm also thankful for the gift of Life, it is short, it moves by so quick.  I am thankful for each new day and I celebrate with thanksgiving the Giver and His goodness!

Video:  "Housefires - Life is a Gift"

Since we moved to Arizona the last three Thanksgivings we have spent with our friends and leader, Ron & Patricia who just moved into a new house and studio.  Yesterday we had amazingly delicious food, precious fellowship and games.  When you can't be with your biological family, this is the next best thing.  Here are a couple photos from our day .  . .