Friday, October 6, 2017

Real Estate!!

Well, one of those things on my bucket list is finally taking place.  I am going to school for my Real Estate License.  I have always wanted to sell real estate but am not a big detail person.  When I was fresh out of high school I worked in a real estate office and realized that the paperwork involved would bog me down and would not be a good fit for me.  In years past, I have been involved in working with people designing and buying homes more from a construction/design standpoint.  I have always loved real estate.  In fact I would say that I'm a bit of a real estate nerd.  When we go on vacation, I always want to know what the real estate market and the price of homes in the area we are visiting. I can usually walk into a home or room and see it fixed up or the potential.   

Recently my friends started asking me some questions about dreams and I shared my vision for a "real estate dream team" comprised of people who did
different aspects of real estate according to their talents and gift mix.  When my friend, Jasa heard that the only reason I do not do real estate is due to the details and paperwork but that I would love to show houses, she said, "I'll do your paperwork!"  The next day she calls and says it again "I'll do your paperwork", and before I knew it she was enrolled in real estate school.  Of course, I could not pass up the opportunity to go through school together and so - Wa-lah!  The dream team has arrived on the scene!  Jasa girl and I are now enrolled in school for our real estate license.  I think I have about 60 hours of
We're Doing it! :-0
home work this week
 (ahhhh! Not including about 200 or more pages of homework I am behind in for my mentoring class) and life has had to stop still for me to give this all my attention.  I'm not sure how I am going to juggle this and some other projects I have on my plate, but I am thrilled and excited and know that God is up to something and I feel like it's big (wild, great and full of Him).  I keep getting numerous confirmations from those who know me and others that this is RIGHT for me!  My kids have been gently easing back into me not being home as much, as I have been working on our non-profit over the months and other projects, but this is a little stretch for them, to wake up in the morning and I am gone and I do not get home till after dinner. I always planed to go back to school or work once my kids were older, so I guess I am right on schedule.  ha!   I'm sure things will become more of a rhythm after I get my license and we strategize regarding the future, but for now we are in a bit of transition.  Fun Times! :-)