Thursday, October 5, 2017

Always In Your Thoughts . . .

"Lord, in my place of weakness and need, won't you turn your heart toward me and hurry to help me?  For you are my Savior and I'm always in your thoughts." 
~ Psalm 70:5 (P.T.)

I read this passage this morning and loved the line, "I'm always in your thoughts".  How many of us, when we are in that place of weakness and need, want someone to come along side of us, give us attention, comfort us and fill the need?  Some of us who are more extroverted, want that more than others. :-) ha!  But seriously, when I am in a place of weakness I love it when my husband or close friends, turn their hearts and thoughts towards me and help strengthen me.  But honestly, the One who does it best, knows me best and goes to the root of why I'm in need in the first place, is my Savior.  I love how this verse says it so beautifully, I am always in His thoughts.  That makes me feel super secure.  That right there is an anchor for my soul.