Friday, September 29, 2017

Summer . . .

As promised here are some of my favorite photos from summer.  I had hoped to have them posted before the first day of fall but that came and went so, here's to summer moments . . . Cheers!

Besties since grade school

Love these two - My foster girls!

Vacation Bible School Team

Hello Fresh Night

Happy Birthday Amber!

Mom's favorite thing to do

Antioch Youth Group

Lake Day

In-n-Out with Jer Bear

Happy 13th Johnny!

The view from Worship Nights on the roof top

GCU here we come!!

Happy Birthday Carie!

Transmission?  No Problem!! 

Casa Grande Ruins

Let's Hit The Road

Camping Road Trip

My Favorite kids


Sedona Rock Slides

Monsoon hit us!

Sightseeing Day with J&S

Coffee + Camping = The Good Life

My Nephews Seth & Titus and their Families

Close friends since High School

My brother Tim and his family
Mom & Me

 Brother-in-law & Family

My new nephew!  ADORABLE! 

J & J's Last Morning in AZ