Monday, September 11, 2017

Back To School

Simeon ready for the early morning commute
It's that time of year again - Back To School.  Actually, it started for Simeon and Destiny the first of August and then for J&J the end of August.  So, we are getting back into the swing of school days.  Simeon is at a charter school this year in Maricopa and enjoying anything that is social.  He is new to having a drama and choir class and really enjoying the more "artistic" bent.
Destiny starting school - sister Julie starting her relax day :-)  
Destiny is back to school as well and is doing home school this year through a charter program out of Phoenix.  She really enjoys it and as you can see, from the photo, has it pretty good, set up at the kitchen table or in her bedroom desk, she commits to 5 hours a day of strong study.  I am so proud of her.  She is doing excellent.  She is an introvert to this works pretty good for her, but still attends two youth groups and has friends over to fill her social needs.
Destiny giving mom the "ready for school eye"
Johnny is loving his school in Washington, with subway and pizza every day from the school cafeteria.  He has Spanish this year and said they did dancing this last week.  Super fun!

Julie is enjoying school in Washington as well.  She is attending a specialized high school with a greater focus on career education.  She is often a straight A student and gets pretty involved, so I'm sure she will do wonderful! It was really hard for her to leave Arizona this summer so we are thankful she is enjoying her high school and very involved in her Washington youth group.
Coffee makes every school day ROCK! :-) 

I find, as any parent, that schedule is super important as we move into the new school year.  To bed at a decent time and up early enough to get everything accomplished.  I have some new things I am trying with the family this year and will share more in my future blogs, but they are working great and making for more quality family time.  I will also share some summer photos in future blogs as well . . . Happy Back To School!!