Friday, July 21, 2017

4th of July Fun!

John, Nita, Jasa & Jamie
I'm just now sorting and going through my 4th of July pictures - I guess better late than never. A bunch of my photos did not turn out due to trying to navigate my husbands phone camera instead of mine - disappointed sigh - so there are faces and moments missed, but still so many good ones.

This year we had such a FUN 4th of July staying at home.  We invited a bunch of friends over for the evening and sat on the patio and just hung out, swam, watched fireworks in the distance and even had a few ourselves.

I tried to decorate with a few things in honor of our dear friend Laura in Washington, who we love to spend the 4th with, and who always does the 4th up super special! :-)  We miss and Love you Laura & Dav!

A bunch of friends could not make it due to traveling over the holiday, but many precious ones came out. I even had a 4th of July cake in honor of the day. :-)  A big thanks to Jamie for manning the BBQ.

The kids had so much fun with their friends.  We had tons of little toddler's and I was able to pull out my toy box and sippy cups. :-)

Thankful for our nation!  Thankful for our friends!  Thankful for God's continual faithfulness in our lives.  Here are a few more pics for fun . . .