Friday, April 21, 2017

The In-Between Times

"We find it so interesting that God didn't tell Moses ahead of time about the forty-year period of the wilderness.  In essence God told him, 'I'll take you out, and I'll lead you in.'  It was the in-between time that God didn't explain.  There are times He doesn't fill in the blanks; He simply leads you to an in-between place and keeps yo there until Christ's life and nature emerges from within you.  He reaches His loving hands into the substance of your inner nature and squeezes, forms, and shapes you into a replica of Christ.  He will use the in-between place to do His great work of shaping you into the beautiful image of His Son."  ~ Brian & Candice Simmons

Oh so true!  Reminds me of the quote, "Until God opens the next door or you, praise Him in the hallway."  If you find yourself in a hallway or in-between place today, let praise echo through the chambers.