Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Poplars . . .

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.
They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams. 
~ Isaiah 44:3-4

I have been meditating on different parts of the book of Isaiah lately and receiving the promises of God for Israel into my life also. I know that God is the same yesterday today and forever (Heb. 13:8). I know that all the promises are "Yes" and "amen" in Christ (2 Cor. 1:20). If God can/will do it for Israel, He will do it for me. :-)

I love this promise in Isaiah 44:3-4 - I take it as my own that God will pour His Spirit out on my offspring and His blessing on my descendants. They will spring up like grass in a meadow. Have you ever seen grass spring up? Because we live in the desert, it is more common than ever to see grass "spring up". We will have these warm, desert sunny days, in spring, mixed with a monsoon rain and following them grass will grow and will literally "spring up". To me this is a picture of my children (springing) leaping, rising, and thrusting forward or suddenly be released in the Holy Spirit.

But the next part of this verse really touched me, "like poplar trees by flowing streams." My children are likened unto poplar trees. A poplar tree is an amazing tree, in that, it can be planted and used in a wide range of climates and soils. One of the many uses of a poplar tree is phytoremediation (taking up heavy metals to purify polluted soils) of degraded sites, rehabilitation of fragile ecosystems and forest landscape restoration. My children, full of Holy Spirit, have a purifying and rehabilitating nature that can be placed in various circumstances (climates & conditions) and release a restoration into that atmosphere. Simply put - my kids will stand tall, pulling out all the toxins and pollution of the society around them and release redemption and restoration into the climate of society. This is a beautiful promise.

Sometimes at high altitudes, Poplars are the only trees that can grow and they will be planted to provide a protective barrier from high winds and make a community livable. Wow! They also are able to absorb nitrogen arising from intensive livestock farming. This cracks me up because we live in cattle farm country and dairies. Sometimes you walk outside and that is all you smell. So, it's fascinating to think of my kids as carbon sequestration tools. :-) Taking the toxins out of the atmosphere around them and standing tall in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So, today, this is the prayer for my children (and you can join me for yours): "God, please fill my children afresh, with the fullness of Holy Spirit and may they walk in great blessing. May they spring up and leap in the fullness of Holy Spirit and restore and redeem society around them. May they shift atmosphere's and make communities around them livable, and free from toxins. May they pull out and remove from society, impurity, and rehabilitate communities and nations. And may the stream of Holy Spirit, like that of Ezekiel 47 come upon them and overtake them and release them into life abundantly, growth and fruitfulness. For this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord!
He will be like a tree planted by the streams of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also does not wither. Whatever he does shall prosper. ~ Psalm 1:3