Thursday, February 2, 2017

Parenting Teens Summit

My Teen & Pre-Teen
I have signed up for this Summit and would like to invite all who are parents, grandparents, guardians and those who work with teens to watch with me.  It starts today and is all virtual on-line and best of all it is FREE.  Raising teens is such an honor, a challenge and an utter joy.  In our home we are sobered by the thought that if our daughter, who is fifteen, leaves our home for mission school or college immediately after high school as planned, we only have 3.5 years left with her in the home.  We want to do the best job we possibly can in raising her, so an event like this is definitely on my radar.  Join Dr. Ravi Zacharias, John Eldredge, Roxanne Stone, Dr. Timothy Keller, Daniel Fusco, Dr. Kara Powell and many, many more starting today . . .