Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Treasures Are Growing Up

Julie, Simeon, Johnny & Destiny
I have been away from blogging way too long . . . many times I have wanted to post a photo or write down some thoughts to share, but after the months ticked by, I did not know where to begin.  So, how about some beautiful pictures of my Treasures. One of my greatest joys in life is my kids.  They are all growing-up so fast and this summer I shot these casual photos of them.  Life is rich when we are all together - can't wait for J & J to join us again soon. Destiny is pushing into straight A's in school and keeps telling me that in a couple  months she will be FIFTEEN - then she waits for my reaction. :-0  I give her some drama so she knows that I think my baby is growing way too fast. :-)  Julie is playing volleyball and loving it and also cheerleading.  Johnny has been busy with friends - he's super social and spends lots of times outdoors.  Simeon loves his new school and friends and hopes to try-out for basketball after Christmas.
Destiny 14 Years Old

Julie 13 Years Old
Johnny 12 Years Old

Simeon 11 Years Old