Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Car Rides

Happy Weekend ~ my Blogger Friends!  Here I am with my kids - a little gimps into my world.  I drive my kids an average of 2.5 hours a day back and forth to their charter schools.  It's the joys of living on a desert oasis.  Some days with other commitments, I can easily be in the car for 4 -5 hours.  Crazy!  I have learned to make the most of the time and I talk to my friends on the phone or to Jesus (pray).
One of my very favorite things about  my week is my  morning drive with the kids.  We all drive it together as a family and my husband starts work after returning home.  When we are not carpooling other children, we use the time to pray for the day, read a prayer declaration over our lives, pray for our region/schools/nation, etc.  Then if there is extra time left, we do a short read.  Currently we are reading together Lee Strobel's "Case for Christ" an apologetic's study for kids.  Then after we drop the kids off, my husband and I use the time to pray together.  Super RICH! We guard this time like gold.

The first of the school year, I was struggling with finding time to train my children in the things of God and Godly character.  I was finding that as the kids are growing and entering into high school, family devotions before bed was not really working out so well anymore.   When I asked Holy Spirit how we could make time, I instantly heard "use the time in your car in the morning".  Love it!!  We have used our car time for the last year for family prayer, but now that our drive is about 15 minutes longer I have time to add a short study.

I hope, if you are a parent of children, and looking for practical ways to release the Kingdom of God into your kids lives - this blog will encourage you.  I find God is super practical - and that's how my brain functions.  I need practical!! And God has always been faithful to navigate my time for what matters most.

If you are reading this and you don't know God - Lee Strobel has some great books that open up the science behind a Loving Creator.  Maybe you are a student and bombarded with an agenda that is anti creation - give Lee's books a read.  Happy Reading.  Happy Car Rides!  Happy Weekend! :-)