Saturday, June 4, 2016

Women on the Frontlines 2016

WOLF Registration Team
Partner Desk
Team Buddies
Women In Ministry - Team Elizabeth
This past weekend I served at Women on the Frontlines World Convention.  For years I have either web-casted the event, attended in person, or purchased the CD packs.  So, this year, it was very different being "inside" the event and serving.  I helped out with partners and  registration/events.  I missed a lot of the event due to helping guests but what I was able to take in was great as always.
Destiny & Nita Sharing
Patricia & Destiny
This year a highlight for me, was speaking at the event, a bit about what Destiny and I as mother daughter are doing in our community.  I shared about a non-profit I am working on starting ( this fall and Destiny had the crowd in tears as she shared the simple ways she was listening to Jesus and reaching her community.  Then Patricia asked
Destiny to pray over the event - it was priceless - as she rocked the heart of God for the crowd!  Being on TV and in front of a viewing audience of thousands, I was amazed at Destiny's self confidence.  She was a natural. :-)

Our Cambodia Friends
Thank You Jesus For Your Healing!
Another super cool happening for me at the event was partnering with God for a wonderful healing for this lady pictured.  She was    obviously having a rough time standing (Fibromalgia) when I felt like Holy Spirit highlighted her and asked me to pray for her healing. He did the rest - she was healed and had both of us in tears!

Inspiration Key Necklace

And lastly, I was thrilled that Destiny was able to meet (on several occasions) one of our Heroes of the Faith, Heidi Baker.  She had a hotel room by ours and her and Destiny kept running into each other.  Destiny shared with her how she was such an inspiration to her and gave her a key necklace from "the giving keys" that stood for "Inspiration".    Heidi was so touched (or gracious) that she wore it that night to preach on stage.  They also prayed together on one of their meeting  - and Heidi's assistant took pictures.  Super sweet!  Destiny was so stoked to meet her.

Heidi & Destiny - true Women of Faith