Friday, June 24, 2016


Love Language Posters
Ahhh!  Yes, I had a little of that eight letter word recently . . . VACATION!  We have been going solid for months, and needed a few days of down time.  So, we cleared our schedule, didn't answer our phones and had what our friends Dav & Laura call a "staycation".  We stayed in the area - actually very close to home - our guest house. :-) Ha!   We did not work and had quality family time. I often am asked if I just love living out in the country where it's so beautiful and enjoying my home - I usually answer "I would if I had time".  So, this past week, we made time.

 One of the things we did with the kids were personality/love language profiles  (Gary Chapman) and flag Pages (Mark Gungor).  It was super fun to discover our love languages and were surprised by some we thought we had that were
actually pretty low on the list.  Then we practiced serving each other with our top love language.  For Destiny, John and I, the  language that speaks love to us the most, is quality time, so a vacation together was prime - swimming in the moonlight and curled up watching movies till late at night - great quality time.  Simeon on the other hand was gifts and so we all rallied gifts that we found among our things to give him.  The gift bags included things like chap-stick, dollar bills, stones, pocket knife, etc.  He loved it!  :-)  At the end of our time "away", hubby John commented that he thought it was one of his favorite family times.  Smile ~ Sigh . . .