Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cousin Time

Cousin Time
As  always, the Weldon's love cousin time.  This year, we will not be able to make our annual Wenger Camp out with all of my family.  We are sad and I am already going into withdrawal from missing my family. :-)  So, my brother eased the pain by sending his two boys for a visit this last week.  I think my nephews
The Boys Swim-Up Bar
and nieces are such incredible people and these two guys are no exception.  We enjoyed lots of swim time as it's so hot in Arizona right now.  I think the boys went through six cartons of juice in three days . . . it's just the beginning of those teen years.  :-)

My nephew's voice was so low and manly that I could not understand him half the time.  I remember when he and Destiny used to sit as toddlers on grandpa and grandma's porch swing and now . . .  the years go so fast!

As we knelt beside the boys and prayed over them before they left on the airplane today, I was touched by who God is in them.  I could see his attributes and character displayed through the gentle, strong, silly, fun young men they are becoming and I am moved.
Stealth Roof Hunters
 Sometimes I get so caught up in life I forget to enjoy the "moments" but the moments are indeed what I live for.  The "moments" I enjoyed this weekend were asking silly life questions and telling a few family memories, playing  ball in the pool and Auntie being killer defense over Judah :-), huge bowls of ice-cream with laughter before bed, teasing Joshua, cozy late night movies, the delight of Arizona Mexican food shared together around a common table and a lingering hug.  These are moments I live for that make life so much richer.