Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Randee & Nita Hard at Work on Presentation
I am happy to report (from previous blog post) that our Sex Trafficking Presentation was a success. We rocked it with nine classes last week.  We say that it's worth the time and effort if we can
even save one life.  Well, one life has already come forward, it is believed directly related to our presentation, and been saved.   We received great affirmation from school district superintendent, principal and school counselor.  Randee and I are so thankful to be educating the kids on this modern day slavery.  This week a sex trafficking ring was uncovered in Phoenix with girls being brought from
Thailand.  This is a modern day slavery that is heart breaking.  Thanks for your support and affirmation of this project. :-)  We are looking towards the coming school year with focused attention on bringing something solid in education to our middle schools in Arizona.  We are excited to be networking in the future days with city officials, superintendents and school administrators, county and sheriff departments,  to raise awareness among our teens.  Stay tuned for more updates coming this fall . . .