Thursday, May 5, 2016


I would like to invite you to read an article of mine that was featured in Arise Magazine for women.  This article is cut and shortened from a chapter I wrote for a book soon to be released by Patricia King on taking back the "Family Mountain" in society.

This article is raw and real. It is  the story of my walk through marriage betrayal in a very short snippet.  My husband championed me to write the chapter when I pulled away from it.  He was my editor of all drafts and fully supportive.  There are a few details that in the moving from the book to the magazine that were edited a bit incorrectly (I was in Cambodia at the time).  One being, that my husband was not the only man I dated - I wish!! :-) But he was the only man I dated seriously in a five year period prior to marriage when I only dated in friendship and focused on Jesus being my husband.

God is for marriage!   He is for us, fighting for what He intended to be a picture of intimacy, with us and Him.  I can now speak from experience that when a marriage is pure and functioning even a fraction of what God intended it to be - we are a force of terror in satan's camp.  There is a reason why satan has targeted marriage and family.  It is a foundation of society.

I only hope that in writing this chapter it fortifies others to hold onto Jesus tightly in marriage unfaithfulness (or other life crisis) and know they are not alone.  My story is my walk.  It is not a blueprint for marriage crisis.  Everyone has their own journey and has to hear from Father God personally how to navigate unfaithfulness, addiction, abuse or suffering.   I can honestly say, I learned to not judge divorce and what was happening behind closed doors as we just never know unless that couple has pulled us into their inner sanctum.  But, I can say, all of us have the invitation to love deeper and love stronger no matter what the outcome.