Saturday, April 30, 2016


Had a super fun time this past week with my girlfriend, Heather and her hubby
from Oregon.  Heather and I  met in middle school and have been friends ever since.  We were in each others weddings, were room-mates for a bit during our college years but she left rooming with me to marry her sweetheart, now married for 21 years.   We have one of those relationships where we do not see each other for ages and when we do, we pick up right where we left off.

Tim (her husband) got a hold of me about a month+ ago and said he wanted to SURPRISE Heather and bring her to see me.  So, we schemed a visit and he pulled it off.  He called it "Operation Arizona".    I'm not exactly sure how he did it, but he has clients here in Arizona and made it look like a business trip that she was invited on.  She fell asleep as they were driving and woke up about 20 minutes from my house.  All at once she looks at Tim and exclaimed - "Doesn't Nita live somewhere in Arizona??"   All at once my phone starts to light up with texts - ding, ding!  "Nita, where do you live in Arizona?"  Oh no!  She is only minutes from my house after an entire
flight from Oregon and she wants to know where I live!  I ignore the text.  Tim gave me strict orders not to be on facebook posting or texting her before their arrival. :-)

 Meanwhile, Heather is captivated by a cactus in the middle of  a dirt road and wants a picture  - her husband pulls over and it just so happens to conveniently be the road we live on. He uses the excuse that he is going to turn around in these people's driveway, Heather is recognizing our house from photos she has seen and halfway down our driveway she exclaims, "This is Nita's House!"  She jumps out of the car and starts pounding on my door.  "LET ME IN!"  I instantly realized the secret Operation Arizona had been compromised. :-)  

That afternoon, as I was waiting for her,  I was like a nervous little school girl.  Destiny, my daughter, was laughing at me.  I would watch the road and then run inside the house to hide if a car approached (we live on a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere).  At one point a car approached slowly and our neighbor, on his golf cart, stopped to visit with the occupants - oh no!  I figured he would surely tell her that John and Nita lived "over there" but thankfully it was not her.   Finally we saw a car pull into our long driveway and I had Destiny grab the camera.  Next thing I know Heather is pounding on the door like Tarzan . . . I knew that she had cracked the code. :-)
We had such a wonderful weekend together.  We swam, laid in the sun and talked and caught up.  We BBQ'ed almost every meal, sat on the roof under blankets and the stars and just had a lovely time together.  I had not had any down time for awhile, so in the middle of this busy season it was a nice reprieve.  My kids love Heather because she loves to play and is super fun and athletic, so they enjoyed her attention.  I have some hilarious videos of Simeon trying to water ski in the swimming pool on his boogie board and Heath pulling it out from under his big jump.  I was laughing so hard I could hardly hold the camera.

I treasure those Forever Friends who, you know, will withstand the tests of time and seasons of life.  I often go over my Forever Friend list with my husband and ponder how wealthy I truly am. :-)