Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cambodia Here We Come

I am nervously excited to be boarding a plane tomorrow for Cambodia with my daughter, Destiny.  I'm thrilled to get some quality time with my girl, as this will be a highlight for me, but nervous about the heat, unknown schedule/culture and being away from my "men" for so long.  Say a prayer. :-)

Destiny and I are headed to join up with XP  in Cambodia and hear, see, and partner with what Cambodia is doing in rescuing girls, boys and women from Sex Trafficking.

God is also doing something amazing through the children with XP Missions.  I'm deeply touched by the reports from Cambodia of the children who have been rescued from deep, dark places - now having encounters with Jesus.  Below is a report from our soon-to-be new friend, on the ground in Cambodia . . .

God is doing something so amazing through our kids!!

Blown away by some of the testimonies today during prayer with the kids from EL. These children are just learning about Jesus and do not have a grid for any of this stuff . . . most are between 4 and 7 years old and are the children of women formerly working in prostitution.
They are all seeing Jesus and having visitations from heaven . . . some of them open-eyed encounters with angels and other living creatures. Here are some testimonies just from today . . .
One child said, "Jesus told him, 'Please follow me and I will make you a leader like Moses. You will be a leader of many.'"
Another child said, "Jesus said, 'I am in your heart. I love to help people and share with others. I put my Holy Spirit in you to help you and protect you. I will always be with you, and together we will lead the world!"
Another boy had a vision and said, "I saw the best picture ever. Then I saw Jesus, and He said I can go through. He was wearing white and had a Bible in His hands. Then I saw a mountain and He and I went up it. There was a tree and water and an elephant and then I walked on the water. After that I saw three angels and each one was wearing a different color -- one red, one white, and the other blue. Before I left the mountain Jesus told me do not be afraid"
Another child appeared to have gone into a trance and couldn't be woken. And the list goes on.
I am undone. They are so hungry for Jesus and love to pray!! PIc attached of our precious prayer warriors. They may look little, but they are mighty 
God is so good! Out of the deep dark secret places are the most glorious