Monday, March 28, 2016

Cambodia ~ Everlasting Love

Another highlight in Cambodia for me was our time with the ladies who have been rescued out of sex trafficking.  If they can leave the lifestyle they have been trapped in, XP provides a six month training and discipleship program, where they will learn employable skills through sewing (and soon a hair salon) along with valuable life skills and mentor-ship.  After six months, the ladies can continue their employment and make Everlasting Love products (silk handbags, etc.) and others discover their destiny outside of sewing.
No Front Photo Due to Privacy Protection

Part of their mentoring is spending their early mornings in worship, devotion and prayer.  Destiny and I were invited to spend a morning with them and share on their current topic of "our authority in Christ".  It was fun, because we had just come off the airplane the day prior and had hit some pretty bad turbulence that was very scary for Destiny.  She had asked me to pray and I told her, let's take authority over this storm.  So, we commanded the turbulence to leave and invited the cream and butter of heaven's calm in the name of Jesus.  Immediately the stormy turbulence stopped and it became completely calm.  Destiny was astounded and thrilled!   We used this example story in our teaching on the authority we have in Christ.  :-)  We also shared the story of Jesus commanding the storm to stop, etc.  My favorite part of the
morning was sitting, fan blowing in my face and the women in a circle worshiping Jesus.  All at once at the same time, their children on the floor below us in pre-school began to sing at the top of their lungs and dance to worship songs.  There was like this Holy clash happening as the children sang at the top of their lungs and their mothers sang, sitting cross legged on the floor.  I started to cry quietly as the presence of Jesus whispered through the room of women and stormed through the downstairs children. :-)  Priceless!
We then looked at the items the girls/ladies were making and saw them begin their day of work.  Amazing!  Truly amazing.

Another day we spent with their children.  Dancing to worship with them, playing toys on the floor, cheering them on as they learned their A,B,C's, etc.  What a privilege to see what God is doing in these little lives.  

Our last day in Cambodia, Destiny and I went back to the Everlasting Love facility and danced with the women in a prophetic worship devotional time.  It was hot with fan directed at me, full of laughs as we spun around and sweet memories for Destiny and I.  We hugged goodbye to the ladies and were super thankful for the moments we shared this trip.