Friday, February 5, 2016

Do You Want To Know Jesus?

My Two Little Evangelists
Last year, at my daughter's school in California, she had requests for thirty or more books entitled, "Face to Face With Jesus".  I got familiar with the "add to cart" button on my Amazon Prime account. :-)

This last week, I am revisiting the "add to cart" button but now it's for Bible's.  It's with great joy, the last two days, that my kids come home from school and share how they led someone to Jesus.  Some of  these kids have never had a Bible and they are asking for one.
Oh What JOY She Has In Sharing Jesus
The other morning on our way to school, Destiny asked to pray that she could share Jesus with someone who did not know Him.  Her prayers were answered that day as she led two kids to Him.  She told me that one of the girls said her heart felt so different - such lightness.  Ahhhh!  Yes, Jesus is the answer for the world today!  He's the answer to the deep poverty and pain we see around us.  We have been praying since we moved here, three months ago, for a move of God in our little rural town of Stanfield. We daily take prayer walks through the streets and beside the school, businesses and homes.  We have already been seeing rumblings of answered prayers and anticipate a move of God.

"Do you want to know Jesus?"  What a great question!  Some are just waiting for someone to ask it . . .

"Creation to Calvary" Video