Sunday, January 10, 2016

Love on Vegas

I am excited about a road trip that I will be taking the middle of January to Las Vegas to attend a Pornography Convention.  I know right!  Crazy!  I am joining a group who's goal is to go into the darkness of the Adult Film Industry and share the Extreme Love of Jesus with those who need an encounter with Him.  Our goal is to minister to those who are trapped in sexual addiction, with dream interpretation, the prophetic, words of destiny and more.  We will be renting a booth right inside the Expo ministering to event attendees and pornography workers.  At night we will have teams on the streets, reaching young girls trapped in "the industry" and walking among those in need.

I will be driving my mini van full of women to Vegas for this event. My mandate personally for this trip has been to Love, so I am looking forward to loving on some people at this convention.  I am also looking forward to getting to know some of the gals in my community a bit deeper as we plunge into prayer, ministry and fun together.   Say a prayer for me, for them . . . Jesus loves porn addicts and those trapped in the Industry and wants to set them free.