Thursday, January 28, 2016

Great Outreach

Happy Day blogger community!  I just wanted to give you a quick report on our outreach to Vegas.  It was wonderfully successful.  We did some serious penetrating of light in darkness at the annual Pornography Convention.
Patricia Giving A Word
We had over five salvation, even though we were not to overtly share the gospel with people.  We had many, many lives touched at our booth through prayer walks, love, prophetic words, words of encouragement & hope and dream interpretation.  A person would come to our booth, spin the wheel and whatever word they landed on (freedom, faith, dreams, etc.) we would give them a bright colored bracelet with their word on it and then prophesy or speak words over them.   Here is a photo of Patricia ministering a word to a playboy bunny.  One time an entire row
Vegas Outreach Team
of these girls (bunny's) were in line and passing by our table and I began to shout out to them words of affirmation, declaring who they were created to be, etc.  Their entire countenance shifted - they loved coming to our booth.  We were like no other booth at the convention.  I have stories but will not go into details on my blog at this time.  Suffice it to say - God met people and met us.  I also enjoyed getting to know a few of the ladies from my community a bit better.  Had a great 5-6 hour road trip to Vegas in my mini van. 
The Angels:  Ryeo, Genevieve & Nita
My prayer/ministry partners were Ryeo, Genevieve and myself.  We named ourselves "The Angels" after Charlies Angels, cuz I had a picture of us with our hair blowing in the wind and walking in a line of three across, praying in tongues, shifting atmosphere's and going after darkness.  Super thankful for the outreach and would go again in a heartbeat!