Monday, January 4, 2016

Birthday Bonus

Had  a lovely birthday weekend with my husband and kids. It was a bonus weekend as my daughter's birthday is in a couple days, so we all celebrated!  Destiny wanted to go to the snow for her birthday but the forecast was no snow at the sledding slopes, so we went to Mexico instead.

We went exploring the ocean beach that is closest to us - Rocky Point, Mexico.  The trip had a couple rocky places (excuse the pun) but for the most part was absolutely lovely.  I got really sick but the fam prayed me through it, so that was a bit rough but ended a-okay!  We also witnessed what looked like some pimping of young girls so I spoke with one and we walked and prayed with
Birthday Girl - Getting Some FUN Attention! 
watchful eyes some of the others.  I always tell my kids, that if you see something that is "off" or not right, it's an Invitation.  God is inviting you to do something and everything can start with prayer!   

Aside from those two hick-ups, we had a lovely time.  I love it, on my birthday, when my kids are absolute angels.  They refuse to fight/bicker (usually) and are on their best behavior so I have a good birthday! Super cute! We enjoyed walking the beach, eating good food, shopping at the little shops, swimming in the hotel pool and being together.  We drove around the areas that were the poorest of the poor with people living in shacks.  We explored the condo area of town looking for our next place to stay.  We were only there for one night and two days but we made the most of our time, filling every moment with exploration and memories.
A REAL Pina Colada 
We miss our Oregon beach that we have went to for years (Haystack Rock/Cannon Beach) so this is now our New Normal and we are scouting it out and looking forward to many more visits. First thing on our list . . . learn to speak Spanish!!! :-)

I was touched by the many texts, phone calls, emails, FB messages and packages on our door step when I arrived home.  You who are family and friends really did amazing at remembering my birthday this year.  Sometimes it's easy to forget right after
A Lavish, Loving God - Kisses From My Husband
Christmas but this year my friends/family rocked it!  I even heard from my brother in Liberia Africa.  I think this was the record year for birthday songs on voice mail and Voxer! :-)  One of the most meaningful gifts this year was a song that my niece, Nessa Mae, wrote and sang to me.  Wow - doesn't get much better than that!  God is good to me and has lavished His love on me!
Sunset In Mexico