Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Memories

Christmas Dinner
We had such a lovely Christmas this year with my parents and my brother and his family visiting us in Arizona.   The only down side was that my meice, Bethany got sick on Christmas Eve but she pulled out of it by evening and we made some great memories. My younger brother and I were pretty close growing up as we were only one grade a part.  He was a kind, gentle leader and loyal friend.  We went to the same school, sang in the same singing group, lead worship together, lived at mom and dad's till we were married, hung out with the same group of friends, etc.  I would always buy older cars and Andrew would fix them and work on them for me. I was telling his girls this week that I always knew what girls in high school were "into" Andrew as they would all at once start to be extra friendly to me, I knew they were onto my handsome brother. :-)   I was thrilled when he started dating Shelly and just as  thrilled when I became an Aunt to his first, Bethany.

We were also so happy to know that Johnny & Julie were invited to spend Christmas with their sister.  I cried when I got this photo.  What a redemptive work of God that they could all be together.  God is good.  They were so happy.  

This Christmas break together, we had a bowling and laser tag evening where Andrew kicked it bowling and I tanked.  We watched great movies including the War Room, we had gifts, stockings on Christmas morning and an elephant gift exchange.  Some went shopping at the outlets, others swam and hot tubbed.  We fixed and ate yummy food together.  We had lovely Christmas day and a precious time of sharing about Jesus.  We missed our family who were in Oregon, LA and Liberia but super thankful for those who were with us. I feel blessed, wealthy and full of gratitude for the family time together.   Here are a few pictures of memories made . . . 

Soup Supper
Playing games that make mom laugh 
Game Time!
Swimming with Uncle John
Lovely Ladies
Mom & Dad Wenger
Bowling Night
Hanging at the Kitchen Table
Hot Tubbing 
In-n-Out for the first time
Aunt Nita and Abigail midnight snacking on Grandpa's Christmas Ham
The stockings were hung/laid by the chimney with care . . .
"Show me your stocking suffers"

Monday, December 21, 2015

Let The Party Begin

Christmas Music is playing quietly, kids are asleep, John is headed to the airport to get my brother and family, it's about midnight.  I am finishing up some last minute baking before family arrive for Christmas Week. The house is cozy and decorated for Christmas, smells of maple fudge and shortbread are lingering in the air.   I did not get near everything done that I wanted to do to make this Christmas season super special, but I figure the most important is family time together and Jesus and we have both of those - so we are set!  Can't wait to hug on my nephew and nieces necks and see everyone.  We love our new home and area and are excited to share it with family this season. God is good and I am feeling blessed - Let the party begin!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In My Element

This is one of my very favorite things to do!  I love to relax by baking.  I do not do it very often anymore, so when I have a baking day it's super fun.

The last couple days my kids have been ill with a violent flu bug.  I have been nursing tummy's and doing lots of laundry.  Today I was looking forward to a new friend coming over but had to reschedule due to sickies.  Thankfully the violence of this flu has passed, the babes are much better and will be returning to school soon. :-)

The kids are currently in their rooms having rest time and I have pulled out my rolling pin and started some Christmas baking (layered mint brownies and frosted sugar cookies).  The candle is lit, the Christmas music is playing, I'm in my element.