Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sunrise Over The Desert

Sunrise from our back yard
Sunrise over the hills
Good Morning from Maricopa, AZ!  This is the first morning in weeks, that I am up early, and feel like I almost got enough sleep. :-)  I watched the sunrise this morning over the desert with a quiet beauty.  I could not hear the motorcycles kicking into high gear as they accelerate through the Sacramento morning streets, I could not hear the big recycling trucks picking up garbage or people opening garage doors and starting cars for their morning commute into the city.  No, it's beautifully quite country at our new home.  I Love it!!  Here are some photos from the sunrise this morning.

I will take some photos for the blog in the days ahead but we are busy unpacking.  John has his office mostly set up and is back to work.  He loves it here and feels like he has come home, as the terrain is a lot like Africa where he is from.

Simeon is in his element!  He straps
on a BB gun, pocket knife and walkie-talkie and disappears into the brush. He is so happy to be living in the country.  Destiny loves her new room that is about twice the size as the last one.  She is busy getting it all set up and devouring her latest book.  They start school on Monday and really liked what they saw of their new school after a tour this week.

I am surrounded by rooms that need to be unpacked and fall into bed exhausted in the early hours of the morning.  Thankful that we now have clothes to wear and soon dishes to eat on. :-)  Moving (when you are blessed with lots of stuff) is a huge undertaking.  I'm hoping that this is the last move for many, many years!  It's already feeling like home and I have really enjoyed the people I have met and am loving the rural feel.  So far, I do not miss the city at all. :-)  It's a whole new world here - a new normal.

Tomorrow we meet our new church friends and that will be great!  I need to do a little shopping for a few more items for Destiny's school as she wears uniforms.  I had to run an errand yesterday and found a Krsipy Kreme, Ross, Target, Sams Club, Buffalo Wild Wings and much more, so I guess 30 minutes or so from here where we do our shopping is not too shabby! :-)