Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Moving Road Trip

Caravan of Four Vehicles
Here are a few pictures from our Moving Road Trip to Arizona.  I was so sad that I did not take more pictures of our move for you guys to see, but here are a couple.  We left Sacramento on Friday evening and arrived in Maricopa on Sunday evening.  My brother, nephew and niece flew out from Oregon to help us drive and we really enjoyed our time with them.

Gas Stop
We were a caravan of four vehicles, it was slow moving and we communicated via walkie-talkies and Voxer. We stopped to see my cousin Ken and his family in Fresno and had a lovely breakfast together on Saturday.  Otherwise we ate out and stayed in nice hotels.  A five hour day could take us nine hours as we crawled through mountain areas, had to stop and fill every vehicle with gas at gas stops, fulfill everyone's bathroom and food needs - it was amazing how much time a caravan takes.  But oh such a great memory.

Destiny, Simeon, Samuel & Moriah
Samuel was stellar at driving our SUV and travel trailer.  Tim handled one of the big moving vans, and we felt so bad when we realized after most of the trip was over that he did not know how the AC worked so he had his windows down going through the dessert.  Thankfully it was fall.  :-)   John had a moving van with a trailer and I stuck with my mini-van with Moriah's help driving.

We arrived safe and sound in Maricopa on Sunday night, picked up the keys to our new house and dropped off vehicles, before heading out to our last meal together and hotel for the night.  So thankful for protection, a good trip and great family time.

                                   Samuel, Moriah, Aunt Nita & Tim