Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Move Back Home

We are THRILLED to have moved "home" this past month.  Due to some events beyond our control a year and a half ago, we had to  move out of our country home and into town.  To make a super long story, way short, God gave our house back!  We had a beautiful God story unfold and what we call a "suddenly" in moving back into the country.

The Weldon Man "Crew"

Girlfriends Moving Nita's "Breakables"

The Piano Crew

Finally "Home"
These gems in photos above, were our moving crew, along with a couple hired hands.  After a sudden phone call out of the blue, asking if we wanted to buy our country house back, we scrambled to put our town house on the market and it sold in two days (  Yippee!  We didn't want to tax our friends with  moving us in the heat, as we had to move everything first into storage and then everything back out and into the country.  So we hired some help and had a few friends help towards the end, but my son Simeon and John kicked it!  Working day in and day out in the middle of the Arizona summer heat - they made an amazing crew!

The hwy to our house

The dirt road in front of our house

Our Lane

Nita's moving truck . . . We had more than one. :-)

Front Door

I can't begin to express how it felt as I drove this big U-haul truck through the country hwy and down the remote cactus lined lane to our home. I felt like I was in a daze.  I was crying and thanking Jesus for giving our land and house back. I don't know if  you have ever carried a geographical region and home, in your heart, and then had to leave it, but this was our region and to return to the dreams and prayers of our hearts was priceless.

True Friends

The Fam
I know this is a lot of pictures, and I don't really feel like I can go into the bigger story on this blog surrounding our transition, but we are super thankful for this "suddenly" and are settling in and can't wait to celebrate with friends.

The sun rising this morning

Sunrise on the mountain and cactus in our yard
Quiet-time with Jesus - Living the Dream

 This is the sun rising over the desert this morning.  I will watch many mornings as all at once the desert begins to glow and come alive and the sun peaks over the horizon.  The acres have a lot of work to be done on them, but as John and I look over the land we sigh deep and with thankful hearts roll our sleeves up and dig in . . .

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Summer 2019

Johnny, Julie, Gabby, Destiny & Simeon

Summer is coming to a close and WOW, what a great one!  This summer we spent between Oregon and Arizona. Many of our family, friends and foster babes, live in Oregon and Washington, as that is where I grew up.  What a delight.  I think I took 2,000 pictures but I will just share a few highlights of family with you.

The kids were all together again (Johnny, Julie, Gabby, Destiny & Simeon). This was a HUGE highlight.  We have not had time with Gabby like this in years, since she was adopted out of our home and it touched our hearts deeply.  We spent time at the ocean and drank in the Pacific Northwest beauty and loved being together for a weekend.
Johnny, Gabby, Julie & Simeon

The Sunset

We celebrated my Niece Petra's Graduation and Nephew Josiah's wedding while there.  Josiah's wedding was such a beautiful event.  So full of love and covenant to Jesus as well as each other.  

The Wenger Men

We were able to spend Father's Day with both our dads and families.  
What a gift!   

The Weldon Men
The Weldon's

We cherished our family moments with the Wenger's and the Weldon's.  Got to hug on our new baby niece. 

Nita, Parents & Brother Tim

Celebrated Julie's Sweet 16 at the Oregon Coast
With Ju Ju (sweet 16)

Nita & Brother Andrew
Cousin Time
We had meaningful moments of re-connection with so many of our dear friends (could not begin to post them on my blog or it would go on forever.  smile.  Got to spend time with nephews and nieces.  (Too many pictures to post, but I put a few more of our friend pics on facebook)  It was perfect to spend the hot Arizona months in Oregon and make it back to Arizona in time for the kids to start school and the beautiful summer sunsets over the golf course.  

Husband and I felt the tenderness of God towards us, in re-connecting us with those we love and giving us quality time with both our parents.  We felt the best of both worlds - we love our home and friends in Arizona, yet were able to treasure what God has given us in Oregon/Washington.  A sweet summer! 

Friday, June 28, 2019


Tara & Nita
Simeon, Tara & Destiny
On Monday, my cousin Tara, passed away from cancer and went to be with Jesus.  I probably should have written this post while she was still with us, but I guess I just continually pushed into the Hope that she would be healed on this side of eternity and we would not be facing her death.

Nita & Tara Floating on a Log

Tara and I were only 4-5 years a part in age and I would always call her "cousie".  She had a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that I loved and we had so much fun bantering back and forth.  I loved Tara's laugh.  It would start as a smile and warm into a sort of giggle/laugh as if she was saying, "I can't believe I'm laughing at you, your seriously the weirdest!"  Ha!  :-)
I would often tease Tara about her baby face and how she would be asked if she was old enough to sit in an exit row on the airplane when she was close to 40 years old and would not be allowed to wait in the bar area of a restaurant in her late 30's as staff were not convinced she was 21.
These pictures of us in the lake are some of my favorites.  I forgot I had them until the other day.  We were camping a few years ago and Tara came to join us for the day,  and her and I found this log and we attached ourselves to it and just talked and laughed at the kids as we floated in the middle of the lake.  Was such a fun memory.

Tara moved from Boston to Washington in 2006 and lived with us for a little over a year before she found her own place.  Our kids were young in those years and we would often find her laughing at the children when they would do silly things.  She was one of their favorite audiences and babysitter!

Simeon, Tara & Destiny

She had a special bond with my son, he would climb up on her lap and ask her for treats and show off.  Tara loved it when he would sing “Jesus loves me” because he would sing with such enthusiasm and end it with “the Bible tells me SOAP” (instead of so) as his little mind thought that was how the song went.  Tara would laugh and laugh and try to get him to sing it again.

Simeon & Tara

At the time Tara worked at Target and when we would get out of the car to shop at Target, he would get all excited sitting in his little car seat and start exclaiming "Tara Target, Tara Target and search for her in the store until he found her!!”

In April this year, some of our extended family  had a Celebration of Life for Tara, while she was still living.  We all gathered in Iowa and spent two days together, playing games, singing, eating Tara's favorite food and spending time with Tara.  It was very special. She was one loved woman.  This was the last time I saw her.

This past year almost every night before bed, during the night or as I was waking up in the morning, I would pray for Tara and for peace, freedom from pain, healing, etc. As I began to drift off to sleep the other night, I began to pray for Tara and the realized she was no longer with us and no longer in need of healing.  It was a comfort to know she was with Jesus but at the same
time the loss was deeply felt.  During the early hours of the morning  I had a good cry, while everyone else was sleeping.     I know my kids were disappointed and hurting because they did not get to say goodbye to Tara.  I was feeling regrets and I just asked Jesus to show me a picture of Him and Tara in heaven.  As I surrendered my imagination to the Lordship of Jesus, I saw
Tara sitting on the back of a pick-up truck with Jesus and they were laughing and at a drive-in movie, talking and eating popcorn.  They were so enjoying each other's company.  Immediately my heart was filled with peace and a sense of joy, as I know Tara is out of pain and spending time with the one who loves her beyond anything we could imagine.

Tara's Celebration of Life

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Our Baby Graduating 8th Grade

Simeon's 8th Grade Graduation
Our baby graduated from 8th grade this week.  Can hardly believe the way time rips through our lives and leaves memories that are precious but can never be relived.  Simeon loves life.  He is an entrepreneur at heart and always looking for ways to make a good deal or create wealth.  He loves his friends and loves spending time hanging out.  He loves fitness and would love it if mom or dad would work-out with him this summer.  He likes to meet his friends at the local gym and lift weights, play basketball, etc.  I think he has tried almost every sport except football in his younger years.  He is fascinated with parkour and that's his next sport he wants to try.  

Simeon - Kindergarten
I remember Simeon starting kindergarten and my friend, Christine, worked in the grade school.  He would cry for the first little while almost daily because he wanted to stay with mom, so she would call me after he stopped crying and let me know he was doing okay.  I couldn't even leave him at pre-school because he would cry so much for me.  I loved being a stay-at-home mom.  It was a dream come true for me and obviously Simeon loved it too.  ha! :-)  Eventually in Kindergarten, I would drive up to the curb to drop him off and his kinder-grade would all be lined up and they would holler out "SIMEON!!" and all be excited to see him, like a rock star, he quickly began to acclimate.  He loved fire trucks and firemen.  He loved guitars and drums.  He loved anything that was active.  He loved his bike and big wheel.  He loved his
cul-de-sac and neighbor friends.  He loved his trampoline and big swing-set fort that grandpa made for him.  He loved his sister's attention and wrestling with his brother. If ever things got quiet with him, we would need to find him and see if there was mischief at hand.   I'll never forget when he and Johnny decided to pee all over the men's bathroom at church on a Christmas program night . . . my husband had to have some bathroom parenting moment for sure! :-)
8th Grade Diploma
People always say that time flies and enjoy your kids and the moments you
This is his mischievous face! :-) 
have.  When you are exhausted and carting around the stroller and diaper bag . . .  when there are continual squabbles and fights and you feel like a referee, sometimes you think those moments will never end. You fall into bed exhausted at night and are continually creating food in the kitchen to be consumed and then do it all over again the next day.  You feel like a taxi driver because every kid is in a different sport or musical class.   But being on the other side now and longing for time to slow down and life to give us a few more years with our kids, I understand the admonition, "time flies, enjoy every moment".  This week we celebrated Simeon's 8th grade grad and our close friends son's 12th grade grad.  Both us mothers, had tears, as we remembered the memories and treasured the today.  I am thankful for life and health and memories with Simeon and looking forward to the next four years of high school with anticipation of good things!!  God is good all the time and we celebrate this good gift He has entrusted to our care.