Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3 Day Fast For Our Nation

Lou Engle, the founder and leader of TheCall has called the nation to rally together in the midst of the current Ekballo Fast during what he believes is a critical 3 day window from sundown on Wednesday evening, March 8th through the evening of Saturday, March 11th. He, along with many other leaders in the body of Christ, such as Cindy Jacobs and Beni Johnson are beginning to rally their networks for a three day Esther Fast in response to the current crisis in our nation among it's leaders.  

Try as we might, it's almost impossible to hide from the current climate in America.  This election season, lifted a veil of sorts and has shown us all
just how divided we really are.  And post election, the temperature has only continued to rise.  So much so, that just earlier this week, witches from across the nations united and have pledged to curse Trump until he is removed from office. (See Fox News, The Huffington Post, BBC and other major news outlets for more information).  This, along with other current events, such as a rise in anti-Semitism, and the fight for the unborn, should cause something to rise up within us that begs the questions, "What are we to do?"  There are many avenues of response, as we will talk more about in future posts, but our immediate and most effective course of action is to petition God on behalf of our nation and to follow the biblical mandate to pray for and bless our leaders regardless of our personal political preferences (1 Tim 2). 

Recently, Lou had a dream highlighting the significance of women taking their place*, like Esther, in this hour "to stand against the rising anti-Semitism, to counter this witchcraft, pray for the President, and contend for the uprising of an Esther movement in America that will, among many things, reverse the decree of ‘73, Roe V. Wade, just as Haman’s decree was reversed."  As women flood the streets in mass to march in protest, we humbly suggest, that there is a higher solution.  Respond to the crises and join us for the Esther Fast March 8th-11, 2017.    To read Lou's appeal and to sign up for the fast, click here:  

*There is an emphasis on the signifcance of women during this fast, but men are welcome and encouraged to join too! 

Lou Engle is a revivalist, visionar, and co-founder of TheCall, Inc. For more than three decades, Lou's passion has been to call believers into radical consecration through prayer, fasting and acts of justice. Lou has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer. He is the founder of the pro-life ministry Bound4Life and has inspired other justice movements. Lou resides in Pasadena, California, where he is a part of the leadership team at the Pasadena International House of Prayer. He recently launched the Spiritual Air Force Academy with a mandate to train and deploy teams across the world for breakthrough intercession in partnership with missions. Lou and his wife, Therese, have been married for 34 years. They have seven children.