Saturday, July 22, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday Simeon

Happy Belated Birthday Simeon!  You are magnificent!  You light up a room whenever you are in it and you always bring the PARTY to you!!  Thankful for the gift you are in our lives!  You are a King Josiah - you carry purity, passion and no-compromise inside of you.  Love you more than you know and celebrate the joy of YOU!

Friday, July 21, 2017

4th of July Fun!

John, Nita, Jasa & Jamie
I'm just now sorting and going through my 4th of July pictures - I guess better late than never. A bunch of my photos did not turn out due to trying to navigate my husbands phone camera instead of mine - disappointed sigh - so there are faces and moments missed, but still so many good ones.

This year we had such a FUN 4th of July staying at home.  We invited a bunch of friends over for the evening and sat on the patio and just hung out, swam, watched fireworks in the distance and even had a few ourselves.

I tried to decorate with a few things in honor of our dear friend Laura in Washington, who we love to spend the 4th with, and who always does the 4th up super special! :-)  We miss and Love you Laura & Dav!

A bunch of friends could not make it due to traveling over the holiday, but many precious ones came out. I even had a 4th of July cake in honor of the day. :-)  A big thanks to Jamie for manning the BBQ.

The kids had so much fun with their friends.  We had tons of little toddler's and I was able to pull out my toy box and sippy cups. :-)

Thankful for our nation!  Thankful for our friends!  Thankful for God's continual faithfulness in our lives.  Here are a few more pics for fun . . .

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Draw A Veil

Blog Friends, here is a blog I wrote for XP Missions this week.  Just a gentle place God was nudging me . . .

“Love draws a veil over every insult”  ~ Proverbs 10:12

Have you ever had those awkward moments when someone throws a little jab at you, a tiny insult?  It’s so off-the-cuff that it’s not full blown in your face?  You internally wonder, “should I draw attention to this and call it out?” or “should I act like I did not hear and go on with what I am doing?”  Well, Proverbs 10 in The Passion translation gives us a beautiful invitation into what Love looks like in these situations.  Love draws a veil over every insult.

We may ask the question, “why do we insult each other?”  I think most insults steam from insecurity, jealousy, deep hurt and pain, envy, awkward moments we don’t know what to do with, or maybe it’s how our family of origin always communicated.  Of course, I would nutshell insults as operating out of an orphan mentality – not really knowing or living in who I am in Christ.  Regardless, insults are not cool!

“Love draws a veil over every insult”  ~ Proverbs 10:12

When I think of a veil, I think of a romantic, thin piece of material that covers the face of a bride as she walks the aisle to meet her groom.  The groom then lifts the veil revealing the beauty of his bride and symbolizing, for some, the consummation of the marriage. 

“Love draws a veil over every insult”  ~ Proverbs 10:12   The Bible says, that this is what Love looks like in the face of an insult.  When I see myself as a bride, a priceless treasure, royalty, deeply loved one, then if someone should ever drop an insult bomb, directed towards me, I am invited to pull a veil over that insult.  It’s protecting who I am, to veil an insult.  It protects my heart from offense.  It protects my mind from judgments.  It keeps my soul clear from clutter.  It keeps me as the beautiful bride of Christ I was created to be.  It also protects the other person.  Proverbs 17:9 says, “Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.”  Fascinating!  I am fostering - promoting the development of LOVE when I pull a veil over an offense (insult).    

When we are living a missional lifestyle, we have many opportunities to “draw a veil”.   Often people we encounter are hurting and as we know from experience, “Hurting people  hurt people.”  Sometimes those in hard life circumstances or pain, will insult us. Jesus invites us to . . . draw a veil.  Jesus was our perfect example as we read in Isaiah 53:7,  Jesus was oppressed, afflicted, abused and punished, yet He did not open His mouth and retaliate, He drew a veil.  But His veil consummated a marriage with us His bride for eternity. He was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and His great love drew a veil over a multitude of sin and insults. 

Maybe as you read this blog you can think of a situation where you were insulted recently.  Maybe you retaliated with stinging words.  Maybe you stuffed the rejection and didn’t face how it made you feel.  Jesus invites us to get real with Him, offload all insults on Him, release forgiveness and “draw a veil” releasing us into His perfect Love.

“Love draws a veil over every insult”  ~ Proverbs 10:12

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Niece Time

This weekend we got some niece time!  Love our niece, Nessa Mae who drove all the way from L.A. by herself - through the desert, after work (barefoot, uphill, no gas in her car . . . just kidding), just to spend some time with us.  Then turned around and drove back to L.A., encountering car problems, hitchhiking till someone helped her and finally making it home late at night only to head into work early the next day.  What a gem!!  We treasure each moment with her, knowing that her call is to the nations with Frontier Missions and our time with her is limited.
Of all her cousins - Destiny has mannerisms and ways of acting that resemble Nessa Mae the most :-)  

Simeon & Nessa Horsing Around 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!  The most wonderful Father of all is our heavenly Father.  So thankful that if we had a dad who was dreadful (not my dad) or no dad at all, we have a heavenly Father who's love is great towards us (Psalm 117).  Yesterday we celebrated some of our favorite "Desert Dude Dad's". :-)  It was almost 120 degrees in beautiful Arizona and we fired up the BBQ and tried to cool the pool down and made a fun day of delicious food, swimming, movies and games.  Thankful for such amazing men, raising beautiful children and carrying God's heart for their families . . . I made them pose for a picture :-)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Grace as Justice

Today I am putting together an article for the next issue of "Grace As Justice".  As I read through the last issue's articles, I am moved by the fight for justice so many organizations are taking on.  If you read my last blog for XP Missions, I defined JUSTICE from my friend, Jennifer, as "taking up the cause for restoration of every violation of Love.  Taking the wrong and making it right".  

If you have heard of child sex trafficking, child soldiers, human trafficking, child/slave laborer, etc. but would like to hear more real life stories or articles of what others are doing to combat these gross injustices and taking up the cause for every violation of Love, check out this on-line magazine:    I believe it will be well worth your time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Justice, Obedience & Unity

I wrote the following article for XPMissons Blog Today . . .

Commanded Blessing  
Justice, Obedience & Unity                

Where does God command His blessing?  What kind of people receive God’s blessings?  Here are a few scriptures that invite us to a walk of justice, a journey through obedience and contending for unity, because this is the kind of lifestyle that liberates God’s blessing.
Follow link to continue reading . . .

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  I love being a mother!  Of course it has it's moments of grey hair, drama and craziness, but it is one of my bucket list, heart longings, deepest cravings, that have been fulfilled in my lifetime.  Now I'm looking forward to being a grandma. :-)  

I woke up this morning to my son waiting for me and wanting to wish me happy mother's day as the rest of the house sat sleeping.  He was intent on getting up before me to start my day right, and soon after my foster daughter texting affirming my attributes in her life.  So precious!    Then both Destiny and Simeon wrote me poems for mother's day.  I love them!  Here are pictures of my treasured poems.

As my daughter, Destiny, is now in high school, it seems like every moment together becomes more and more sacred.  I realize I only have a few years left with her (and the others) living at home.  Sometimes I wish I could build small apartments onto my house and they stay forever, other times I am looking forward to the "leaving the nest" stage.  Ha! :-)   This past week, my daughter begged for a date night with me (as she was sick with strep throat/flu and missed a few days away with me in Phoenix at an event).  So, I cleared the evening, packed a small overnight bag and headed down (about 150 feet away) to our Casita to have a girls-night-out.  We snuggled up to a movie and popcorn and talking.  Life is rich when your high school daughter is begging for time with you.  I know these days are precious and so I honor them as gifts to me.

This morning Patricia King released this prophetic word and I would like to share it with all mothers and women. I love the life God puts inside of us as Releasers of Life and carriers of the breath of His Spirit . . .

May 14, 2017

Women of God Arise! You are “Life givers” – “Releasers of life”! I have anointed and appointed you to create life and impart life in everything that you do. And everywhere you go. Everything you touch and give your attention to can receive My life because you are My Life-giver. You are My releaser of Life. In this season you will see Me do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think.
The dreams and visions you have being carrying in the womb of your heart that appeared dead with no breath or hope in them, will in this season arise with the breath of My resurrection life because you are a Life-giver. You are a releaser of Life. You will speak to dry bones and they will come to life. You carry the breath of My Spirit… My love. You are a life-giver. You are a releaser of Life.
You will give birth to God-given mandates and divine assignments that will be filled with life and fruitfulness for the glory of God. You will give birth to things that do not yet exist because you are a Life-giver. You are a releaser of Life.
Life-giving, Life-releasing women will rise up in the nations in this hour and they will do exploits that touch every sphere of society. Yes, a great company of women who proclaim My Life-producing, Life-imparting gospel will arise and give voice to My wisdom, power, and purposes. Many women will be anointed with evangelism callings and will give birth to great harvests in the nations.
The older women and the younger women together will give birth. Do not say, “I am too old to bear a child or I am past child-bearing years so I cannot give birth”. Did I not fill Sarah’s womb with a God-appointed son? Did I not fill the womb of Elizabeth with a prophet whose words are remembered and settled for eternity? Even as they gave birth to significant divinely appointed sons in their older years so it is that many women in their latter years will give birth to significant Kingdom ministry assignments. The younger women also will arise even as I filled Mary with the Savior of the World, I will impregnate the younger women of this generation with destiny calls and mandates that will transform culture. The younger women will carry wisdom from above – wisdom that is beyond their years of experience. They will be Life-givers. They will be releasers of Life!
These birthings will come forth through intimacy with Me. In the secret place of My presence they will be impregnated with calling and purpose according to My will.
You are a Life-giver. You are a releaser of Life. This is what you were created for!
~ Patricia King